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Scheisse Minnelli is a HC Punk band based in Germany. The band was started in late 2003 by two native Californians and two Germans. The current line up takes it back to that original 50/50 brew with 2 germans, Marlon and Dash, holding the rhythm tight being joined by California’s two most wanted Samuel el Action on vocals and introducing delinquent Mikey P. on guitar.

They have played over 300 gigs, tour hard internationally, have shared the stage with the likes of Poison Idea, Dr. Know, Murder Junkies, Municipal Waste, Seein’ Red, DI, Christ on Parade, Antiseen, UK Subs, No Use for A Name, Subhumans, TSOL, NOFX, Jello Biafra, Fang, Pennywise, DRI, Scream, Beowulf and Raw Power. Scheisse Minnelli has toured all over Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark,England, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, Austria, Italy, France, Czech Rep, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and have toured the United States three times, playing over 60 gigs there.

They have released 3 full length albums on LP and CD along with an assortment of splits, comps and 7 inches. THE FIGHT AGAINST REALITY (2011)has many guest appearances including Kevin Reed & Chris Contos from Attitude Adjustment and original members of R.K.L..
An acoustic mini LP “Leise Minnelli” came out in 2012 which was followed by SORRY STATE OF AFFAIRS released in May 2014. A split LP/45rpm with G.F.P. came out Oct 31 in Germany and Nov 4th 2014 in the U.S.

New ideas have been put into action in 2016 resulting in a 7″ EP called “A Fifth Of Skatehoven” 4 new tracks, one of them a classical piece converted into a rock along.

The Wasted Ones are half L.A.’s Wasted Youth and half Circle One.
The band consisted of Chett Lehrer, Jeff Long, Allen Stiritz, and Danny Spira.[1] The band’s first release, Reagan’s In, is a record of early West Coast hardcore punk music.[2] This entire album, with its ten songs, takes less than 15 minutes to complete, and is famous for the Pushead artwork of Ronald Reagan on its front cover.[1] The Pushead drawing was originally of Charles Manson with a swastika on his forehead. It was changed without Pushead’s approval, for the album. The back of the album features a photograph by Edward Colver of a stagediver upside down in midair.
It was 1980 and punk was a still not accepted by society or the mainstream media, four friends from Pico Rivera California started a band after being inspired by bands like,Fear,Black Flag and the Germs,this was a new style of punk rock known as Hardcore Punk.High bpm(beats per minute)fast rythem and anti establishment lyrics,the horrors of war,and rich oil barons protecting their interests.But mostly it was about society’s boundaries and social commentary.The Origional line-up was Mike Vallejo on guitar,John Macies on Vocals,Mike Ituarte on Bass, and Bill Ituarte on Drums.They were gaining lots of popularity for only being around a short period of time (9 months). Opening for bands like Black Flag,Wasted Youth,Circle Jerks and Bad Brains.. In October of 1981 Jody Hill Joined the band on Drums,and soon after that Mike Ituarte left.”O” played Bass for a few gigs but they were still looking for a Bass player. Then in May of 1982 Danny Dorman was asked to join the band.Circle One toured the west coast of the United States, mostly playing San Francisco Phoenix & Tuscan.