Destroyer Of Light, Abyssal (TJ), Deep Sea Thunder Beast,Feeble Fetus

9:00 pm

Strandwolf Promotions is proud to announce that doom metal bandDestroyer of Light will be gracing San Diego with their heaviness. Straight from the wastes of Texas, they intend to make your soul wither with their punishing stoney jams. To make things even sweeter, support will come in the forms of AbyssalDeep Sea Thunder Beast, and Feeble Fetus; variety is the spice of life! So remember the date, inhale some doom fumes, and party on!

Destroyer of Light (Austin, TX)

Abyssal (Tijuana, MX)

Deep Sea Thunder Beast (San Diego)

Feeble Fetus (San Diego)

Show takes place May 1st at the Til-Two Club at 9 PM
$7 Cover. 21+ only

Stay heavy my friends!